Student Information

Absence and Illness

If your child will be absent or late for the day, please notify the school before 8:40 a.m. by phone or email. Should your child become ill during the school day, we will notify you or the designated emergency contact person so that he/she can be taken home.


Students who bike to school are required by law to wear bicycle helmets. This will be strictly enforced. It is also encouraged that the student lock their bike for their protection during school hours.

Lost and Found

In an effort to keep our Lost and Found box empty, we ask that parents label their child(ren)’s belongings, including shoes, coats, boots, mittens, sports equipment, etc. Near the end of each term, you will be asked via the School Newsline to check the Lost and Found to claim lost articles. At the end of each term the leftovers will be given to charity.

Student Lunches

WCS is committed to taking care of God’s creation. In an effort to reduce the amount of garbage our school collects daily, we ask that you provide, garbage-free lunches for your child(ren) and use reusable containers for storage. Students are encouraged to have a personal, labeled water bottle at school each day. We would also like you to support and encourage healthy lunches at our school.

Snow/Icy Weather

In the event that the buses are canceled due to dangerous driving conditions, the school will be closed for a snow day.

Early Dismissal

Impending serious weather conditions could require the early closing of the school. In such a case, parents are called prior to dismissal. If parents can not be contacted, the school will attempt to reach the “in case of emergency” number available at the school. If you wish other
arrangement to be made, please inform the school. Please make sure your children understand the arrangements.

Playground Activities

We encourage students to play non-competitive cooperative games when possible. However, students can play baseball, basketball, soccer and football. Non-contact hockey is allowed during the winter term, but students must use their own equipment. Snow throwing is not allowed at any time, but students may engage in constructive snow playing such as fort / snowman building. Students are not allowed to use their roller-blades, skateboards, hard balls or lacrosse balls on the playground. If a student gets hurt while playing on the playground, parents will be notified.

Fog Cancellation Procedures

The decision to cancel buses on a fog day is made in conjunction with the other bus lines in our zone (Zone 5) When the Public / Catholic buses cancel their morning run, our buses will also be canceled. The school, however, will remain open at its regular times unless otherwise indicated. The buses will run in the afternoon to return the students home. When the morning bus run has been canceled. School families will be notified through the Remind app/text as well as on the school’s Facebook page.