Our Programs






Academic Departments

Our academic program is designed to train students in all the skills and knowledge necessary for a well-rounded elementary school education. It is the aim of Wallaceburg Christian School to be CHRIST centered, TEACHER directed and CHILD oriented.


Reading & Writing

God created people with the ability to use language to listen and respond to Him. Our curriculum, taught from a Christian perspective, provides the students with an overview in the areas of short stories, novels, poetry, media studies, writing, and skill development. The gift of language enriches every aspect of people’s lives as they commune with God. We provide a variety of settings to enhance these experiences, such as learning centers, reading groups, literature circles, individual work, and group presentations.


The mathematics program enables students to increase their understanding of God’s creation and prepare them to serve effectively in the world in which they live. Math is taught 60 minutes every day. Students learn how to compute numbers, do word problems, and acquire age appropriate concepts. It is through their interaction with all the dimensions of this part of creation that students learn to appreciate the order and structure of the world in which they live.

Bible & Devotions

Each day starts with classroom devotions. Songs of praise, the reading of God’s Word, the sharing together of prayers and prayer requests helps to set the tone for the rest of the day. Students and teachers together acknowledge that God is an ever-present part of their everyday lives.

The school’s Bible program, The Story of God and His People, presents the Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God. In learning about God’s people throughout history, students learn that through the high and the low points, God’s continuing love for his people is evident. Despite doubt, rebellion, fear, or pressure to conform, each student (just like the people in the Bible) is on a spiritual journey under God’s care. Students too belong to the story. The Bible helps shape our sense of who we are, where we have come from, what we are living for, and where we are headed.



In Canada we have the opportunity of enjoying a multi-cultural society. Within this country we also have the privilege, opportunity and responsibility of developing an understanding and appreciation in the area of language through formal French speaking education taught within our Canadian school system. As educators, it is our task to inform and instruct children in the
area of language so that they can become better equipped Canadian citizens.


God is the Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe in which we live. We humans are created beings, designed to live in perfect balance with animals, plants, and nonliving things of creation through biological, chemical, and physical laws which God has established.

Our science curriculum equips students to discover the infinite complexity and amazing orderliness of God’s world, to learn about themselves as a special part of God’s creation, and to recognize their role as caretakers of creation.



God calls Christians to be part of His plan for redeeming the world. Understanding the past can help students appreciate and direct their lives today into more obedient service to God
and their neighbours. The study of history enables us not only to learn the knowledge and stories of the past, but assists us to understand our contemporary society better. Students gain an understanding of how other cultures live. History gives us the opportunity to hear God’s pain and joy in the various human actions of the past and to become historical co- workers with God in bringing reconciliation and building communities that truly reflect his will.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, children learn about human interaction in the context of people’s and civilizations’ relationship with God. Through the Creation Studies Series and the DIGS Series students study the historical and geographical aspects of their own country, Canada. In addition, the study of other cultures and civilizations provides a contrast to their own experience.

In the intermediate division, students begin to think analytically, and are presented with the further division of the social studies content into the disciplines of geography and history.



The geography curriculum serves to remind students that all of life is associated with the natural environment. From an ecological perspective, students learn that each Biome or ecosystem is a dynamic, unified creational structure and that people use the land depending on their value systems. Students are guided to form questions that will allow them to consider decisions about resource use and stewardship.

Health & Physical Education

In health education, students learn how to fulfill their God-given responsibility in such areas as physical fitness, nutrition, personal health, emotional health, personal safety, and disease prevention. All strands of the health curriculum affect the whole child. Students learn how we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” in studying body systems.

Human beings, created in God’s image, function and respond through their bodies, to fulfil the tasks to which they have been called. In physical education, we study the movement of the body and we practice skills to acquire and maintain physical fitness and co-ordination. A balanced approach that incorporates fitness, play, and skills is developed throughout the grades. We believe that physical activity brings enjoyment and awareness of how wonderfully our bodies are made. In addition, students have opportunities to grow in self-knowledge, self-respect, competition, and social skills. At various levels, students may choose to engage in extra-curricular athletic programs.


Art & Music

Psalm 24:1
“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.”

God calls His people to know, enjoy, and valuate the visual aesthetic in His creation and the visual
expressions of others. “If from this world around us we can learning anything about God’s character, surely it is that we have a creative God, a God of diversity, a God whose interest in beauty and detail must be unquestioned when one looks at the world which He has made around us, and people themselves, as a result of His craftsmanship.”

Music education is an important part of a child’s development. It allows the student to worship God and develop their gifts. It has a capacity to provide spiritual enrichment through aesthetic enjoyment, creative expression, and communal and individual worship. At WCS we spend our morning singing as part of our devotional time. The students are also exposed to the basic elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and timbre (expressive qualities). In Grade 3/4 the students are taught basic music theory in preparation for playing the recorder in grade 5 and 6.

In the upper grades the students focus on the impact music has on society, taking time to compare the lyrical content of Christian music vs. secular music. They become discerners of what is appropriate to listen to. They are also encouraged to write their own songs and express them through a form of presentation. The study of the origin of musical instruments is also a topic that is covered. Then they are encouraged to create their own.

Extra Curricular Programs


Afterschool Sports

Grades 5-8 have the opportunity to participate in soccer, volleyball, baseball, hockey, and basketball tournaments. Team members are expected to keep up their academic performance and to behave according to our school’s standards. 

Grades 1-8 may participate in the annual cross-country meet held in October. Training begins in early September.

The WCS annual track and field day is held in May; all students participate. Top achievers in the various events from ages 7 to 13+ represent our school at the Bluewater Disctrict Track and Field Day held in late May or early June.

Battle of the Books

Grade 4-8 may participate in a Battle of the Books Contest held within the Bluewater District schools.




Reading Buddies

Older and younger students team up to read with each other once a month. Students have the opportunity to encourage one another and develop friendships with children of different ages, plus they are given time to pray with each other.


Each year a staff representative works with members of the student body to form a team called the A-Team. The A-Team organizes fun, team-building activities that are carried out monthly by the student body.  Some activities that have been run in the past by the A-Team are Water Fun Day, dress-up days, March Madness activities, and Hat & Gum day – just to name a few!


Assemblies are held on a regular basis. There are two types of assemblies:
1. Classroom Assemblies – each grade is in charge of an assembly where they showcase the work they have been doing.
2. Topical Assemblies – these assemblies are held on dates near special Christian holidays or other significant events, such as Remembrance Day.

Grandparents Day

Every year in April, grandparents and grand-friends are invited to come and spend a day at school. They are invited to spend some time with the students in the classrooms and, if they wish, on the playground. Lunch is served at a local church. During the afternoon the students entertain our special guest with a Grandparents’ Day program.

Special Excursions

All students at WCS participate in class trips designed to enhance their learning.  A WCS Class Trip Policy ensures maximum student safety. The cost of trips and excursions is covered in part by proceeds from the WCS student hotdog sales. For some special trips parents may be asked for additional funds to cover the cost of the event.

School Skating –  A few times a year the whole school goes skating at our local arena. Parents and other family members and friends are also invited to come and join in the fun.

Special Events

Every year we strive to do either a special Christmas program or a special school production in April.

Family and friends are invited to celebrate with the students the amazing things they have done.