School Hours

8:45 am            Early Bell
8:50 am            Classes Begin
10:30-10:50      Morning Break
12:15-12:30      Lunch
12:30-12:55      Afternoon Break
3:25                   Dismissal
3:30                   Buses depart

Student Arrival & Entrances

Upon arrival at school (usually around 8:30), students must go to the playground behind the school and wait until the first bell rings at 8:45.

All students, whether they arrive by bus, car, or on foot are expected to enter the building through the assigned doors.

South Side:
      Grades 7 and 8 and Grades1 and 2
North Side:
      Grades 5 and 6, Grades 3 and 4, SK and JK


Parents who drive their child(ren) to school are asked to be on time so that the class can begin their school day together. We will call home the first 3 times, after which it is no longer the responsibility of the teacher.

Absence and Illness

If your child will be absent or late for the day, please notify the school before 8:40 a.m. by phone, fax or email. Should your child become ill during the school day, we will notify you or the designated emergency contact person so that he/she can be taken home.


Students who bike to school are required by law to wear bicycle helmets. This will be strictly enforced. It is also encouraged that the student lock their bike for their protection during school hours

Playground Activities

We encourage students to play non-competitive cooperative games when possible. However, students can play baseball, basketball, soccer and football. Non-contact hockey is allowed during the winter term, but students must use their own equipment. Snow throwing is not allowed at any time, but students may engage in constructive snow playing such as fort / snowman building. Students are not allowed to use their roller-blades, skateboards, hard balls or lacrosse balls on the playground. If a student gets hurt while playing on the playground, parents will be notified.

Birthday Parties

Occasionally it happens that invitations for parties are distributed at school and some boys or girls are excluded. Such exclusion causes a great deal of hurt for the uninvited child. Consequently, we ask that you not distribute these invitations unless all the same gender classmates (or perhaps the whole class) are invited. This enables our school to discourage cliquing that can occur in the classroom and other students from feeling “left out.” (This problem seems to occur in the younger grades more than the older ones. We understand the difficulty of having a large group of children at a birthday party. Likewise, we hope you understand the predicament the school faces in these situations).

Expensive Toys, Games, and Other Personal Belongings

In order to prevent potential problems, disappointments and/or hurts, we ask that your child refrain from bringing their expensive personal items (such as games (PSP), CD players, Mp3 players, and sports equipment) to school. The school will not liable for lost, stolen or broken items.