– Grades 1-4

The following is by no means an exhaustive list of characteristics that should be found within our students. However, it does form the basis of some understanding of what a Christian student should be.

• Desire to follow Christ’s example
• Micah 6:8
• Mark 12:29-31
• Demonstrates a life of joyful service to God and others.
• Demonstrates a desire to learn about, and appropriately use, God’s creation.

• Respects the right of others to speak (listens well - speaks in turn, etc.)
• Pays attention to instructions and lessons, and acts in respectful accordance with them.

• Uses formal titles to address adults and authorities.
• Uses appropriate language (no swearing, etc.) and tone of voice when speaking to others.
• Demonstrates respect for another person’s beliefs.
• Shows respect for the person and property of others (both personal and corporate).
• Shows a respectful attitude toward spiritual matters; i.e. sings reverently, sits quietly and properly during assemblies, respects the spoken and written message.
• Demonstrates proper manners to everyone.
• Uses humour appropriately (for enjoyment, not harm).

• Demonstrates appropriate work habits.
• Works diligently and neatly at assigned tasks (both in class and homework).
• Strives to uncover their special God-given talents and abilities and use them in the service of God and others.
• Be prepared at all time and in all places

• Is helpful to others.
• Assists others in appropriate tasks and behaviour.
• Gives appropriate empathy when/where needed.