Who are We?

These summary sentences have been created to help new families and current school society members understand the basic tenets that make Wallaceburg Christian School unique to our community and that undergird our curriculum and teaching on a day to day basis.

God is the creator of Heaven and earth with order and beauty. He reveals Himself through the work of His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit living in our hearts.

Jesus Christ-
Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Saviour and intercessor. By His earthly example we can have abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven.

The Bible is the inspired Word of God given as the guide for Christian living today.

Creation was a perfect gift given by God to show His greatness. Man was given the responsibility to care for it.

Human kind is born in sin. Sin is rebellion and separation from God.

School is the third partner of the home, church and school triangle that seeks to work together to educate the whole student- spiritual, physical, emotional, social and intellectual. The curriculum is taught from a Christian perspective.

Parents are the primary care-givers of their children who entrust teachers to teach their
children. Parents are active participants in the school through governance and

Teachers are uniquely gifted and called to teach as professional educators. They have a passion for Christ-centered education and live as models for their students.

Students are image bearers of God who need constant shaping and encouragement to learn, with the teacher’s help, according to their preferred style of learning.

The Christian school community is a diverse group of people coming from all walks and ages of life that see the need for Christ-centred education. They support the efforts of the school through financial giving, prayers, volunteering of time and talents and encouraging staff, students and parents. The school’s curriculum would also make and support statements as follows on some potentially divisive issues.

Sanctity of life-
Humanity has been made in God’s image. As such, human life is sacred from the moment of conception through natural death.

Church Attendance-
Regular church attendance is necessary for spiritual growth.

is the exclusive union of body, mind and soul and spirit between man and a woman that is solemnized by the Church and certified by the state. Marriage is held as a holy binding covenant that reflects the relationship between Christ and His church. Sexual relations belong exclusively within marriage.

There is more that unites Christians than divides them. Our teachers do not make prescriptive statements on topics such as distinct forms of sacraments, eg. baptism, communion or eschatology.

The statements were created by the Board with the help of the Education Committee members and staff. (2003-2004)