Wayne & Martha Hooyer

Parents of WCS for 18 years

Christian education has been part of our lives for a very long time. Already back in 1989, when our oldest son was ready for kindergarten, we knew the importance of Christian education. We knew that a Christian school would teach our children the meaning of their beliefs and build on what is taught at home and at church. Since children are so impressionable we knew of the need for a solid base in their Christian faith. We do not believe in letting a public system teach them 185 days a year from a secular point of view.

When our youngest is done high school, it will be in the year 2012 – 23 years of Christian education. Continually, we have seen the full potential of their gifts and the tools they received to guide them for the rest of their lives. What a small price to pay for them to be bright lights in a dark world.

The results have been amazing and we have remained fully committed to Wallaceburg
Christian School.

Our oldest children have grown up, and they also see the importance of a solid Christian
belief . We continually thank the Lord for the blessings and opportunity he has given us
through Christian education.

Brian Anderson

Parent of WCS for 9 years

As I consider our children’s years at WCS and the foundation they have laid for the future, I am deeply impressed with the quality and stature of our teachers and staff. Our teachers are committed to their student’s well-being. This commitment could be seen by the phone calls and notes we received through the years. In fact, they were so committed to our children that one day we arrived at the school to have 3 teachers lined up waiting to talk to us about our little angels.

This caring spirit of our teachers and principal demonstrated itself in the academic realm – whenever our children needed help, the teachers would find creative ways to continue their education; it showed itself in the social realms – school can be a cruel place for some children, yet I witnessed our teachers coming behind those who struggled to guide them through the difficulties of relationships; and it revealed itself most importantly in the spiritual realm – our teachers not only spoke about Jesus Christ, but they lived their relationship to Him before my children. They also demonstrated a great concern for our kids and their relationship to Christ, spurring them on in their faith.

I believe our wonderful teachers have provided a great foundation for our children as they begin the next phase of their schooling...these are things that few in the public system are getting today. So instead of complaining or grumbling about the education your child has received, recognize the great gift God has given this school and say thanks to God and the teachers for what they have done.

Fred & Valerie Kraayenbrink

1st Year Parents of WCS

Wallaceburg Christian School! That says it all!! Before Fred and I began having children, we both decided that we would send them to the Wallaceburg Christian School.

When our family began to grow, Russell would be the first to go to the school.

Well....what a blessing Mrs. Lammers, along with the other teachers, principal and parents, have been as our family goes through cancer treatments in London for Russell. As he undergoes treatments we have to be so cautious with Russell’s health and immune system (virus, bruising, sun exposure, etc). I feel so relieved knowing Mrs. Lammers, along with others in school, are always sensitive and attentive to Russell. He can just be a little boy.

This journey is life changing, but knowing Russell is getting a Christian education, getting the love, support and prayers our family needs on a daily basis, is such a blessing.

Hearing Russell sing songs about Jesus, sharing stories about all his friends and knowing Mrs. Lammers surrounds Russell with her kindness and compassion eases my heart.

We look forward to sending Brayden and Colin to the school, making more memories in the future.

We have FAITH for our children’s future. That’s Wallaceburg Christian School!

Thank you!!!